Optimize Sales By Leveraging Back Bar Distribution and Co-Distribution Sales Driver Database Analytics


Back Bar Distribution

Back Bar Distribution

Back Bar Distribution and Co-Distribution. Execution that can be sorted by a number of attributes: 

Start by selecting Geography combination:           State, City, County, Zip, DMA, Trade Channel, Sub-Trade Channel, Chain Indicator, Customer Parent, Customer Type, Account Level, Demographic, and Psychographic Segmentations.

Then Select Any Specific Time Period:            Year, Month, Week, Day, Holiday, or Custom Dates

Then select any Brand Category:                          Brands Category, Brand Sub-Category, Brand Family, Brand Line, and/or Brand Flavor:

Lastly Select the Back Bar Measure:             Finally, select the Back Bar Distribution measure to evaluate. Distribution and Co-Distribution as a Count, Average, % Share, Category Share, and more 

Add any of the other measures to analysis:  Drink Specials, Beer Taps, Back Bar Placements, Branded Visibility, and Drink Menus 


Back bar Distribution and Co-Distribution Analytics

Back bar Distribution and Co-Distribution Analytics

Proprietary database which enables users to test any hypothesis and answer any question regarding Back Bar Brand Distribution and Co-distribution execution.  

Back Bar Distribution and Visibility can be combined with any other measure to build a marketing mix model

BevAnalytics has world class marketing mix modelers who can help build your sales driver prediction models.   

Example:  Back Bar Distribution Brand Lift coefficients in conjunction with all other significant causal variable coefficients for Menus, Drink Specials, Branded Visibility, and Taps.   

Leverage Back Bar Distribution and Co-Distribution measures.

Create Target Lists, Evaluate Back Bar Visibility Execution, Assess Brand Lift "Due To"  Distribution, Co-Distribution or combined with any of the measures.                                      

Back Bar Measures

Bar Type
Back Bar Location
Primary, Secondary Bar
Back Bar Glorifiers


Target Lists
Evaluate Promotional Execution
Co-Distribution Reports
Distribution Bounty Reports
Brand Lift Analytics
Brand "Due To's"
Demographic Penetration
Develop Opportunity Reports
Analyze Distribution Trends
Analyze Market Share


Back Bar Branded Sub Categories